The 10 Most Idyllic Destinations T Visited This Year

This year, T traversed not only great distances, but also spans of time, visiting lands that gave birth to some of the world’s most ancient cultures, from Morocco’s Draa Valley, once ruled by Berber kings, to Ithaca, Greece, said to be the much-longed-for homeland of Odysseus. Like him, one writer managed to find his way back there, while another spent his days swimming in the turquoise waters surrounding the craggy coastline of Milos. Others, too, found beauty and solace on islands, including the rustic and remote Aland Islands of Finland, where one is as likely to happen upon seabirds and grazing horses as other people. Then there are those destinations, like Tirana, Albania — which is poised to become Europe’s next haven for artistic expats — that are appealing precisely because they’re right in the thick of things. Here are the most enchanting places T visited this year.

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