Harvard professor calls coconut oil ‘pure poison’ Video

Transcript for Harvard professor calls coconut oil ‘pure poison’

T you very much.we’ll do our “Gma” health alert right now. It’s thetler coconut oi a had professor recently calling popular goon in a video that quickly went viral with over Ali views and ting. Otherswearing by it. Evenising it a a superfood while our chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton ise T break down all the erns. Lara, juicy story. I also H a degree innutrition. Here’s what people did not hear when T heard about this story this week. You cannot T any nutritional science study andreak it down nclusively to attributing one he outcome to one food. It’s just notre yetnd the methodology I most studies does show cause fact. It just sho association. So this is a perfect example how we need to Thi down the middle. It’s not a rf and is not a poison. E that very Ary. We want to do a little M busting with our di.anks for helping us if you think the following statement is true or file fat innd fd is the main cause of rng our ldl cholesterol. Audience, what do think, true or false. Main cause. Is it the main cause of B cholesterol, oils in fat Okay, so this is actual kind of rick question. It’s probably false and there is controversial databout Thi because first of all our ldl O bad cholesterol I parti dictated by get knit ticks and partially made finally. People can have no inheir diet and still hav high cholesterol so dit practice a role, yes. But IST the entire picture absolutenot. Same story that you’rein aboutoconut oiln general. All right, let’s D one more. LE livelonger, ready, true or false, people live longer in cultures that consume a lot of conut oilak it a superfood, true or lse, audience split. Ournce isy smart. Is is false. People in cultureshere they eat a lot ofoc oil may have great Loy, that is not the same thing as tributing it purely to this. Think of as butter, lard. It is a saturated fat a in moderation, fine. Dr. Jennifer Ashton, as always, thank you and, audience,thank you. Big help.

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